The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

The Rest of the Story

Opponent Does Not Meet the Core Values of the Sheriff's Office or the Citizens of Dodge County that we Serve.

The Core Values of the Sheriff’s Office as defined by our employees includes Integrity, Accountability, Teamwork, Leadership and Service.  Our office believes that these values are the key to creating and maintaining a healthy and ethical culture.  Unfortunately for my opponent, he is not qualified to join our team.   

Below is information I recieved as a result of an open record request from the City of Waupun.  Some of this information needed to be  released by court order.  Earlier this week it was ordered that this information could not be hidden as requested by my opponent and the information is subject to the open records laws of Wisconsin, requiring release.

My opponenent is not qualified for the following reasons (Not an all inclusive list):

1. He applied for the position of Dodge County Sheriff’s Deputy and was rejected in the hiring process for refusing to provide access to employment history. Contrary to his statements to the public, information about his employment at Waupun PD was not recieved by the Sheriff’s Office at the time of Application due to his denial to provide a release for the information to be released.  Any information obtained, was obtained by me personally through open record requests after he was rejected in the hiring process.

2. He was found to have used excessive use of force on a juvenile who was in custody pulling him by the back of the shirt causing him to not be able to breath, banging his head off the wall, forcing him against the wall to intimidate him, and throwing him into the interview room when he was done roughing him up all while the juvenile was being taken to use the bathroom during an in custody interview.

Document Attached: Memorandum of Internal Investigation from the City of Fond du Lac to Chief Winscher

***All documents from interviews of officers and witnesses have also been released and are in my custody, but for ease of reading, only the summary memo is currently being released.***

3. He was found to have lied in the subsequent internal investigation.

Document Attached: Memorandum of Internal Investigation from the City of Fond du Lac to Chief Winscher

4. He was found to have coerced another employee into lying to cover up the excessive use of force. 

Document Attached: Memorandum of Internal Investigation from the City of Fond du Lac to Chief Winscher

5. He was fired from the Waupun Police Department.

Document Attached: Termination Letter from Waupun Police Chief

6.  After being fired he grieved the termination on a technicality and the City of Waupun paid him $7000 to leave. This also was accompanied by a Non-Disclosure Agreement to attempt to hide his misconduct in office.  It wasn’t until a judge ruled this agreement was unlawful that it and this documentation was released.

Document Attached: Settlement Agreement between Mark Colker and City of Waupun

7.  A $30,000 settlement was offered to my opponents victim at a cost to the City of Waupun Tax Payers

Document Attached: Offer of Settlement for $30,000

8.  My opponent has repeatedly lied to YOU, the public, during this campaign denying being terminated from employement.  This has been done directly and indirectly through lies of ommission by excluding the Waupun Police Department from his resume on numerous occasions. He also led the community to believe that all information was released, when in reality it took a court order to have it released. Below is one of those instances when he was untruthful. Furthermore they continue to delete posts of citizens asking questions about his history.

Document Attached:  Social Media Post April 10 2022

9.  My opponent collected unemployment compensation from the City of Waupun as a result of the settlement agreement.

Document Attached: Unemployment Benefits

10.  My opponent was investigated by his current employer, the Winnebago County Sheriff’s Office and subsequent to that investigation, he was placed on the Brady-Giglio list with the Winnebago County District Attorney’s Office.  This list is made up of law enforcement officers whose credibility can be called into question in court as a result of their prior actions.  He subsequently tried to mislead the public into believing this did not happen. 

Document Attached: Winnebago DA Email Response to Record Request

Document Attached: Winnebago County Brady Log

11.  My opponent tried to hide his extensive disciplinary record during his time with the Waupun Police Department by posting heavily redacted versions of documents. I have included the redacted versions below which he posted along with the unredacted versions obtained through open records.

Document Attached: 

Disciplinary Record Redacted – Posted by my Opponent

Disciplinary Record Redacted 2 – Posted by my Opponent

Disciplinary Record Redacted 3 – Posted by my Opponent

Unredacted Disciplinary Record – 3 Page Document Recieved from Waupun Police

Redacted Extention of Probation – Posted by my Opponet

Un-redacted Extention of Probation – Recieved from Waupun Police

12.  During the last few weeks of the campaign, my opponent has been asked, but has not responded to (in fact it appears those questions have been deleted from social media) if he is still a deputy sheriff or if he has been demoted.  It has been confirmed that my opponent is no longer a sworn deputy sheriff and is now a booking/security associate.

Document Attached: Email from Winnebago County Confirming Employment Status

I have made mistakes, as everyone has. We are all human.  The difference between me and my opponent is that I take ownership of my mistakes and I learn from them.  I do not try to hide them or lie about them.  I ask you to look closely at the character of my opponent and ask yourself, do the facts laid out above really lend credibility to the statement in the below picture?  Or does it rather beg the question what else has he lied about and particularly what other lies has he told you in this election?

Author: Re-Elect Dale Schmidt

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